We are muVaP, a high-tech startup from IMTEK (Department of Microsystems Engineering) of University of Freiburg, Germany. Utilizing our unique piezo technology, we develop the next generation of piezoelectric actuators, microvalves, and micropumps.

Our vision is to shake up the market for microvalves and micropumps in the long term and to enable new applications in the most diverse areas thanks to our unique selling propositions.

muVaP piezoelectric valves set a new standard in pneumatic and fluidic control. They operate under very high pressures, up to Mega Pascal range, while maintaining a large orifice of 2 mm. Benefiting from a very compact size, light eight, silent operation, and ultra-low power consumption of below 40 mW, muVaP valves are ideal for various battery operable and mobile applications. Their fast response time of 10 ms together with their precise proportionality enables them to address the highest demanding flow control applications. Furthermore, the FKM media separation together with the ultra-low power consumption enables a continuous operation with no heat generation, to address many biological, chemically ggressive, or temperature sensitive applications.

Besides developing actuators, valves (and valve arrays), and pumps, we also work closely with our customers and collaborators to develop tailored solutions and modules for their specific fluidic, pneumatic, and control requirements.

Are you as ready as we are to shape the future of microfluidics and pneumatics? Connect with us, check out our products, and get in contact with us to try our groundbreaking technology for yourself.

muVaP´s team

Dr. Ardavan Shabanian

Co-founder, CEO

Anjan Kashekodi

Co-founder, Head of Electronics

Dr. Philipp Köster, MBA


Ann-Catherine Nölken

R&D engineer

Moosa Owsia

R&D engineer

muVaP´s advisors

Dr. -Ing. Frank Goldschmidtboeing

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Woias

Frank and Peter support us regarding microsystems and technical challenges

muVaP´s grantors