micro valves and pumps

Generic piezo electricity

Piezoelectricity is the electromechanical characteristic of some material with a non-symmetrical crystal structure which allows them to convert an electrical voltage into a mechanical motion or vice versa.

With a novel design and patented technology, muVaP has developed the next generation of piezo devices, thanks to its patented technology.


Compared to the traditional piezoelectric bending cantilevers or bending discs, muVaP actuators offer significantly higher performances. Within the same dimension and under the same applied voltages, muVaP actuators can offer up to 10 times more displacement, while providing even higher forces. In addition, thanks to their excellent stress characteristics, muVaP actuators demonstrate superior lifetime.

  • Displacement: Up to 100s of ┬Ám
  • Forces: Up to 100 N
  • Pressures: in the MPa range
  • Life cycels: Up to 100s of Millions of life cylces
  • Energy consumtion < 10 mJ
  • Thin and compact size
  • Response times within ms


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